The Green Iguanas are famous for its behavioural complexity. Green Iguana is the most known international pet. Many people imagine that Green Iguana is a lazy and Freaky lizard sitting all day long on tree branches, eating salads or sitting inside a water bowl. It is considered to be a dull creature that shows not much interest in anything. This blog post is going to change your view on this in quite a few minutes. Keep reading!

Important Facts About The Green Iguana

  • Green Iguanas have a reasonably active social life, at least during the breeding season.
  • Not all green male Iguanas are big and showy. Some are small and cryptic.
  • They mate between January and February.
  • The female green Iguana travels about 3 kilometres to reach the nesting spot.
  • Green Iguanas nest colonially.
  • About 200-300 green Iguanas gather and compete for their best nesting areas.
  • Iguanas sometimes digs the crocodile's eggs.
  • Iguanas build a very more profound nesting area.
  • Female Green Iguanas stay two to three days inside the nesting to safeguard the laid eggs from other females.
  • Baby Iguanas hatch in May.
  • Iguanas groups are termed as pods.

Breeding Season Of Green Iguana

Green Iguanas have a lek-style breeding system. Males mostly chose the trees that are dead or less vegetated for their breeding site. They show off with a lot of head bobbing and dewlap moving between its territory to attract the females. Males go without eating during this phase and puts all its energy to change its colour from greenish to orangish hue. After mating, male stays close to female as guarding preventing it from mating with other males. This happens in January and February. About 300 female Iguanas build deeper nesting area and gather in the same territory. Female guards these nests. In the first week of May, baby Iguanas hatch. This takes up to 7 days. It is interesting to know that these babies jump upwards and downwards the bright moon and sun. Before departing, they identify a leader. Each baby Iguana has different characteristics, sometimes selfish, sometimes escape. Go forward and spread this word now!