Iguanas are the most popular lizard kept as pets. This popularity is, however, declining these days. Iguanas are herbivorous lizards. They live in tropical areas like Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America. The Green Iguana is the most common pet kind. Iguanas live between 10-12 years of span. Some live up to 20 years. Healthy green Iguanas grows quite large like 7 feet and weighs up to 20 pounds. It can be quite substantial. At home, they have strict feeding. If the pet is not regularly handled, it gets challenging to tame. It gets aggressive as a result. It is a huge commitment to have it as a pet. Many owners are not aware of how large it grows, food it needs to stay healthy and the cost of these needs. Since it is a long-term commitment, people are losing hope, and the popularity has reduced to have it as a friendly pet. Before you own a pet Iguana, check if it is legal to hold it in your country or place.


Green Iguanas need healthy food to stay healthy. Feeding cat food accumulates protein and causes kidney failure thus reducing their lifespan. They are strict herbivores and must not eat animal protein even accidentally. Fruits, dark green leaves and calcium supplements must be added once in a week diet. They need enough calcium. Do not give a high protein diet at all. Temperature like 85F is required to digest food properly. Salmonella is a common digestive health problem in them. So be very cautious about their food.


The custom built shelter is needed to keep the Green Iguanas safe and warm. Heat lights must be fixed to provide the correct temperature. It must be at 95F and not below 75F. Large branches or shelves entertains them to climb and enjoy the warmth.


Green Iguanas are complicated. They must be picked to be tamed. Babies are quick, but larger ones are lazy in the cage. Wear protective clothing while you choose them since they have sharp claws to scratch your skin. Sometime Iguanas do not recognise its owners and escape out of their cage. Its tailbone is strong to break a bone. So be very careful if you have smaller children.